Photography is my passion. I’m fascinated by the ability to capture a moment in time. A moment when the complexity of an emotion can be frozen within a frame. That instance when a split second in time forms a single image. The rare moment when the sun shining on the across a majestic landscape highlights the true beauty of nature.

EN: Born 24.10.1969 in Melbourne, Australia. In 1992 I was in London and the city amazed me with a spectacular flood of visual images. It was then that I decided to by a camera in order for me to be able to share these fleeting moments and visual images, showing the emotion strength of the things that I saw. It is a passion which I carry in me until this day. It is not only the moment that I wish to capture but also the fasination!

DE: Geb. 24.10.1969 in Melbourne, Australien. Als ich 1992 in London war, berwältigte mich die Stadt mit einer Flut spektakulärer Bilder. Ich wollte das Gesehene mit Freunden teilen, doch Worte erschienen mir zu drüftig, um die emotionale Kraft der vor meinem geistigen Auge entstandenen Aufnahmen wiederzugeben. So kaufte ich meine erste Profikamera. Der Anfang einer Leidenschaft, die bis heute den Auslöser drückt. Dabei ist mir wichtig, nicht den Augenblick, sondern seine Faszination festzuhalten.

My list of clients range from Mircosoft to boutiques as well as private individuals.

Publications and prizes are amoungst others 2 bronze prizes and one honourable mention 2014 in the PX3 awards. Several of my works have made title pages of photo competitions and magazines all over the world. If you are visiting Munich please come by and visit my exhibition at - my book and several prints can be viewed here. Please note the opening hours!